Pixela API Document

API Document for Pixela ( https://pixe.la/ ) .

PUT - /v1/users/<username>


Updates the authentication token for the specified user.

Help page

User - Pixela Help Center

HTTP Method , API endpoint

PUT /v1/users/<username>

Request Header

Key Description
X-USER-TOKEN [required] It is the authentication token specified at the time of user registration.

Request Body

Key Type Description
newToken string [required] It is a new authentication token. The token string is hashed and saved.
Validation rule: [ -~]{8,128}
thanksCode string [optional] Set thanks-code . If it is a valid thanks-code, some limited features will be available. For details, please check How to support Pixela by Patreon / Use Limited Features.


$ curl -X PUT https://pixe.la/v1/users/a-know -H 'X-USER-TOKEN:thisissecret' -d '{"newToken":"thisissecret","thanksCode":"ThisIsThanksCode"}'