Pixela API Document

API Document for Pixela ( https://pixe.la/ ) .

GET - /@<username>


Outputs the profile of the user specified by username in html format.

Some of the output includes items that only appear in Pixela Supporter. And if you do not want to include a specific graph in the list displayed by using this function (if you want to make a specific graph private), update the graph definition beforehand and set true toisSecret there is. This is a limited function for supporters. For details, Please refer to How to support Pixela by Patreon / Use Limited Features · a-know/Pixela Wiki · GitHub .

Help page

User profile - Pixela Help Center

HTTP Method , API endpoint

GET /@<username>

Possible errors by HTTP response status code

  • 400 Bad Request
    • This is an error if there is some mistake in your request. Unless the mistake is corrected, the request will not succeed.
  • 404 Not Found
    • This error occurs when your request destination does not exist.
    • This error also occurs when authentication to the request destination is not successful.
  • 500 Internal Server Error
    • Status in the event of an unexpected error. Retrying the request may be successfully processed.


$ open https://pixe.la/@a-know